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september 1, 2021

Did IFLA subconsciously ask us to look elsewhere?

Or consciously? «Venus blindfolded» by Gastev  (CC BY 2.0)

By Mikael Böök, Isnäs, Finland

>> See important comments below about IFLA’s statement 18th August concerning the situation in Afghanistan.

To refer to the subconscious of others is perhaps not very polite. Yet I cannot avoid speculating about the subject of the one and only political statement from IFLA’s world congress this summer. Why did the leaders of the international umbrella of the world´s librarians pick the Hungarian laws on LGBTQ+ content for their statement to be approved by the organization’s General Assembly on August 25? Had it not been more appropriate with a statement on the consequences of the «war on terrorism», as looked upon from a librarian’s angle?

Was the twenty-year Afghanistan war of the USA and their coalition of willing states too depressing and frightening for librarians to look closer upon? Yes, that is probably part of the answer. So many just looked away with disgust, if not to avoid endangering their careers.

Or did the librarians more or less automatically obey to an …

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