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mars 3, 2022

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mars 3, 2022

What librarians are saying about the war in Ukraine

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Some days ago, the question still was: So, the war started… what does the librarian say? Today we write March 3, Russia’s war on Ukraine is entering its second week, and librarians have had time to say many things.

By Mikael Böök

On March 1, IFLA’s governing board published the following statement:

“IFLA stands in solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine – condemns all violent actions and joins the international community in their statements on the situation.

In alliance with the protest of the international Library community IFLA urgently appeals to the libraries all over the world to mobilise in favour of accurate information to be spread on the conflict as a means to support democracy and freedom of expression. IFLA also asks libraries to support any Ukrainian refugees, in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organisations. We should be ready to find practical solutions and be prepared to provide Ukrainians with assistance and support as needed.”

In some of my previous blogposts, I have criticized IFLA’s policies, but this time I am quite happy which is why I quote their statement in extenso. Amidst the warmongering of the news and mass media, IFLA manages to hit a peaceful tone that is proper to librarians and the library as an institution. To condemn violent actions like the Russian aggression is of course OK. To appeal to libraries all over the world to mobilise in favour of accurate information is even more so. We are now witnessing a general drift towards a “Decoupling From Russia”, not only politically and financially, but also culturally and …

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mars 3, 2022

– Vi har ikke tænkt os at smide bøger ud 

  • – Hvordan forholder I jer til jeres russiske materiale? Dette var eit spørsmål frå den danske kulturministeren til Danmarks Biblioteksforening etter først å ha annonsert at danske statlege musé skal avslutte alt samarbeid med Russland. Generalsekretær Michel Steen-Hansen svarte, og han gjentar på bloggen sin:

«Vi er en pluralistisk institution, som skal stille viden til rådighed. Derfor kan vi godt deklarere, hvad der er sandt og falsk. Men hos os, kan man eksempelvis også finde ’Kapitalen’ og ’Mein Kampf’ side om side. Men vi kan som institution godt forholde os til, hvad vi anbefaler og især i forhold til faktatjek, og der har vi mange muligheder. Men vi har ikke tænkt os at smide bøger ud,« siger Michel Steen-Hansen og understreger vigtigheden af bibliotekernes rolle i konflikter.

»Biblioteker er sat i verden for at understøtte demokrati, hvor brændstoffet er viden og adgang til information. Så uanset hvor konflikten måtte være, skal biblioteket værne om sandheden.«

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