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mars 4, 2022

Ukrainian Libraries: Statements and Support

The European library association EBLIDA has this site with links. Including links to three of our latest blog entries. See the subtitle «Voices of Libraries».

PS: As of March 13 this blog has 11 entries on «The Librarian and the War» / «Bibliotekaren og krigen» .

mars 4, 2022

What the Ukrainian and Russian library associations have said

In a previous blogpost, dated February 25, the day after Russia started its ongoing war on Ukraine, I’ve been thinking about librarians’ attitudes to war. This I then followed up with quotations from statements published by IFLA, ALA, EBLIDA and the Nordic National Libraries and my comments. But what have the Ukrainian and Russian library associations said about the ongoing war between their countries?

Books Not Bombs poster by Merseyside Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Jesper Laursen pointed us to an Appeal of the Ukrainian Library Association to IFLA President and Governing Board and IFLA Members. This appeal was made “on the fifth day” of the war. Thus it seems that the board of IFLA has received it before making the statement that I quoted in my previous blogpost. Being myself a personal member of IFLA, and therefore actually an adressee of the appeal of the U.L.A., I wish to quote it in full as an act of solidarity, before I add any comment. So here it comes, in the English translation that accompanies the original text at the Facebook site of the U.L.A:

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