Crowdfunding: Library Lecture on Public Participation and Democracy at ALA Annual in Chicago in June

I’m a Norwegian freelancer specializing on library politics. June 24 I am invited to give a lecture in Chicago with the title «Libraries Improving Public Participation and Democracy» at the world’s largest library conference, hosted by the US-American library association, ALA.

But I won’t get paid, and I have to pay the whole trip and the accommodation myself. I want to combine the trip with writing about this – and other highlights – on this blog and for the Swedish library journal Bibliotek i samhälle (Bis).

If I don’t go, for some reason, I’ll spend the money, or any surplus, on a book with the same working title as my paper.

Support my trip here! Or with PayPal

PS: The 7 «biggest spenders» (and who don’t give anonymously and leave a name and a contact address) will be offered one of those original photos by Norwegian photographer Magnus Bjerk. They are all taken at the Deichmanske bibliotek – Oslo’s main library. One in the interior, the others on the rooftop.

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