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See larger versions of the photos at the bottom of the Norwegian version of this page.

The photographer Magnus Bjerk has generously donated seven of his photos taken at the main public library of Oslo for this crowdfunding, initiated by the present blogger, Anders Ericson, to make him (me) go to Chicago in June to give a lecture on the world’s largest library conference!

At this conference speakers don’t get paid and must cover all their expenses themselves; air ticket, accommodation and entrance at the conference, which can really be a challenge for a freelancer.

Note: If something occurs that prevents the trip, or if there is anything left (!), the money will go to a planned book with the same working title as the speech – and as this related Facebook group: Libraries Improving Public Participation and Democracy.

The photos are from the exhibition Variations in Disco that took place in Oslo in January 2016. Some of them were also on display at the 1000th Anniversary Exhibition of Sarpsborg city, with Bjerk as one of six artists from Sarpsborg.

The many small contributions matter in a collection like this.

But the Bjerk photos will be given to the seven “biggest spenders”.

It works like this:

When this fundraising is over, I will mail one photo to each of the seven donators who have given the most – and who are not anonymous; you must have provided me with a contact address. Whoever gives most will have the right to choose first, then the one who gives second most etc.

The photographer points out that the photos are ‘test prints’ on photo paper of good quality. Contrast and colors may be slightly wrong but they are still considered as genuine parts of the edition. The prints are slightly larger than A3 size.

However, these can also be “upgraded” to the highest quality printing of 45×55 cm, laminated and mounted on aluminum, with a hidden hanger. The price per image will be identical to production costs, about NOK 3,500 (NB: This is a nice deal; gallery price is about NOK 15,000).

Anyone may buy the photos in this format and at this price. Please anytime contact Magnus Bjerk directly. Every “upgraded” photo of this size is of an edition of 16.

Even larger sizes are available but at considerably higher prizes.

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