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The content of this blog is library related. Most of the 1200+ posts are written with an audience that reads Norwegian and other Scandinavian languages in mind. But when we wish to address an international audience, we translate our posts into English. You can find our  English-language posts at Texts in English.

For a listing  of earlier English-language postings, see below on this page.

On the name of this blog and its ideas

The blog’s name, Biblioteket tar saka, can be rendered in English as “The Library Takes up the Case” (LTC). The name is based on a concept that was originally developed by Norwegian Anders Ericson about webpages that are published by the libraries: these should further the democracy by offering more information where information to the public from news media and governments is insufficient or unbalanced.   Co-blogger Mikael Böök from Finland shares Anders´ attitude towards the library institution.

Anders gave a presentation of LTC and related topics at the ALA Conference in Chicago in June 2017: «Public Libraries Improving Public Participation and Democracy» (PDF). He takes an interest in the ongoing process of the new Norwegian “debate library”, originating from the revision of the Norwegian Library Law of 2014 and its brand new expression of §1: The public libraries should serve as an independent meeting place and arena for public dialogue and debate” . The most radical word here is “independent”, which here widens the chief librarian’s authority from media selection to organizing debates. The Norwegian Minister of Culture has stated that “The chief librarians themselves choose and prioritize how they will achieve the goals of the new mission statement […] the library manager should be free to plan activities at a public library. The library management […] will assume a role like the one of an editor”.

Mikael is in search of “library power” in a world that is still dominated by preparations for war and is currently also dominated by the rapid emergence of technologies that should rather be used for international cooperation and the abolition of war. References to his books and essays are found on his personal homepage.

We also share and comment on news, books, conferences etc. on “critical librarianship”. Define this as wide as you like…

A listing of blogposts in English dated before March 2022


Anders Ericson lives in Moss, Norway. He can be contacted by email via frilanders (ät)

Mikael lives in Lovisa, Finland. He can be contacted by email via mikaelbook (ät)

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